Located in the enchanting setting of Oristano, our guesthouse is the first chapter of an innovative project that embraces the allure of contemporary art and hospitality. Our vision is to blend these two passions into a unique and engaging experience to make your vacation unforgettable.

The rooms of Carducci Art Guesthouse have been designed to provide an environment of tranquility and relaxation. Every detail is carefully curated, and what makes the suites unique are the artworks by Marco Pili, a Sardinian artist known for his abstract and naturalistic style. The carefully selected artworks harmoniously blend with the surrounding environment, creating a visual synergy that transforms each space into a small gallery. Each artwork tells a story, making each room different from the others.

The artist: Marco Pili

Born in Nurachi, Marco Pili stands out for his artistic evolution over the years.

He is an extraordinary artist who uses natural materials gathered from the land of Sardinia to create his paintings.

His works are known as the Landscapes of Sinis and represent the wild and unique beauty of this region.

His technique is unique and involves mixing natural pigments with binders such as oil or gum to create a three-dimensional effect in his paintings. The colors used are intense and vibrant, perfect for representing the beauty of the Sinis nature.