Events in Oristano

From captivating traditional celebrations to lively contemporary festivals, Oristano offers a unique and engaging cultural experience for every type of visitor.

Get ready to immerse yourself in the city’s authenticity through its most significant events and create lasting memories during your stay.


Sa Sartiglia of Oristano is one of the most important and captivating festivals in Sardinia, a unique event that has shaped the history of the island. This traditional equestrian joust takes place every year on the last Sunday and Tuesday of Carnival and is led by “Su Componidori.” During the event, hundreds of riders challenge fate as they gallop on their horses to catch a suspended star with their swords. On these days, the city of Oristano comes to life thanks to the thousands of visitors who come to the city to witness the joust.


The Dromos Festival is a widespread territorial event organized in Sardinia by the Dromos Cultural Association, featuring international and local artists in various musical genres. It offers concerts, exhibitions, and meetings with artists, promoting cultural diversity. For 24 years, jazz music has been a central element of this project.

Corsa degli Scalzi

On the first Sunday of September every year, men and boys run barefoot along a 7 km stretch between Cabras and the village of San Salvatore’s farmers. This event is known as the Corsa degli Scalzi, and it is one of the most characteristic rituals of Sardinia, involving men of all ages, 900 in all, known as ‘curridoris.


The Ardia of Sedilo is an equestrian joust that takes place every year on the evening of July 6th and the morning of July 7th in honor of Saint Constantine. The Ardia occurs on the outskirts of the town of Sedilo, near the Church of San Constantino. Around this church, the over 100 participating horsemen must ride at a gallop, following a precise order.


Catte Cup is a soccer tournament that takes place every summer in Oristano and involves young players from across the province. The matches are played in a passionate and engaging atmosphere, with fans filling the stands to support their favorite teams.

archeology festival

The Archaeology Festival L’Isola dei Giganti promoted by the Mont’e Pràma Foundation, stands as a valuable gathering to explore and discuss topics related to archaeology, cultural heritage, and the various disciplines involved in the research, preservation, and enhancement of Sardinia’s cultural identity heritage.


Tessingiu was initiated by the Samugheo Local Association with the aim of safeguarding, enhancing, and promoting traditional craftsmanship, particularly in the textile industry. It is one of the longest-running exhibitions of Sardinian craftsmanship.


The Putzu Idu Surf Festival, on the enchanting west coast of Sardinia, is an event that combines the love for the sea and the passion for surfing. Every year, enthusiasts and curious gather at the San Vero Milis marina to celebrate surf culture in a joyful atmosphere. The program includes two days of festivities and entertainment, featuring surfing activities, culture, and local cuisine.


The Sardinian Artisan Craft Fair takes place in the town of Mogoro every summer and represents an unmissable opportunity: a fusion of craftsmanship, design, history, culture and emotions is reflected in unique and inimitable creations, the work of master artisans from every corner of the island.


The Peschiere Festival takes its name from the location where it is held: the historic fishponds, some dating back to the 18th century, located in the Oristano area. The event lasts for 4 days and includes debates on current topics such as universities and businesses, food and wine, presentations of books on sustainability and various concerts by national and international artists.